North Seattle

North Seattle is made up of smaller neighborhoods each with their own personalities. This makes North Seattle feel less hustle and bustle than the rest of Seattle, but has the same booming real estate market. Each neighborhood has it's own feel, quirks, and property value. There is a community here for every type of personality making Northern Seattle an easy area in which to find your ideal home. 

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Neighborhoods of Note


Average home price: $785,251

With waterfront to the South and West, Ballard has become one of the most popular neighborhoods in Seattle. Drink up! Ballard is home to more breweries than any other Seattle or Portland neighborhood.

University District

Average home price: $892,646

The U District and surrounding areas have some of the highest home prices in Seattle. Student housing is popular choice here for investors. Homes in the area and the surrounding areas can reach up to 3mil.


Average home price: $591,532

Property values in the area will increase in the near future due to renovations near the Northgate Mall. A NHL ice center and a light rail stop will be a nice addition to this community

Lake City

Average home price: $655,176

The city in a city. You see nothing but curvy roads, trees, and water if you are on the east side. Downtown has a vast selection pubs, restaurants and quirky stores, some were established in the 70s.

Fremont / Wallingford

Average home price: $910,727

Freemont is home to the Troll and the "center of the universe." If Seattle had an art district this would be it. Outdoor sculptures and paintings are abundant in both of these neighborhoods.

Greenwood / Greenlake

Average home value: $839,740

Small town feel in the Seattle area. Greenwood and Green lake are both home to many small antique shops, coffee spots, and restaurants. Take jog around the lake and check out the community theatre.